The first street magazine in Montenegro

ADP-Zid organized the press conference and presented the magazine "Portun", the first street magazine in Montenegro. Street magazines are sold directly to the buyers on the street to increase the visibility of the problem of the target group that sells it.

The price of the magazine is 1.50 €, half the price of the magazine belongs to the seller of the newspaper (which is 0.75 € per sold copy) and the other half is invested in the preparation and printing of the following number.

Sanda Rakocevic, Executive Director of ADP Zid, pointed out that PORTUN magazine was created as a product of social innovation, designed as a service for improving competencies for better positioning in the labor market, increasing the employability of the target group and finding concrete employment. The target groups are young people who have been out of work for more than three years. For the purpose of testing, 15 participants were selected, out of which 7 went through the whole process. The tested innovation consisted of two segments. During the first segment, the participants went through psycho-social workshops, where they gained knowledge about assertive communication, emotional literacy, goal setting and improved their presentation, promotion and sales skills. The second part of the innovation was dedicated to the establishment of the first street magazine in Montenegro - Portun, during which they had the opportunity to apply in practice everything they learned during the workshops.

The secondary target group of innovation is the treatment of chemical addicts who, after the treatment period, are not accepted in the labor market. In the process of preparing the development and testing of social innovation from the very beginning, colleagues from the NGO "Korak", whose primary role is the socialization of chemical addicts, were included.

Editor-in-Chief Dragana Crvenica said that "Portun" magazine is for everyone. She pointed out that anyone who buys a magazine that is 1.5 euros, they are spending their money wisely. It was a great pleasure for me to work with the whole team. The target group is very important from the point of view of specificity, so they were given the opportunity to realize all this. Teamwork, the transformation process and great power have been invested in making the magazine meaningful.

Milan Milanovic said that the idea launched by ADP Zid is something that is quite special. The main goal of my organization is rehabilitation and anti-discrimination of former addicts, which is why this is one important step to change the image of former addicts, as active and contributive members of the society.

Marija Zogovic pointed out that "Portun" is the first street magazine in Montenegro. It deals with topics related to difficult life decisions and problems. I want to point out the difference in the conception of life values. Spiritual growth and personal development is what matters to every person. 

At the end of the press conference Sanda Rakocevic urged all citizens to buy a copy of the magazine, because half the price goes to the sustainability of the magazine itself and pointed out that the next number can be expected after three months.