Germin brings the professional innovation school in Kosovo “School of Diaspora”

For the first time in Kosovo, Germin is organizing the School of Diaspora which will bring to Kosovo 50 young students from the region.

This school is a multidisciplinary program, aiming to gather youth and experts from different fields, to develop new ideas for future investments and potential initiatives that could be further developed in cooperation with local, regional and international partners.

The School of Diaspora is open for youth of ages 18-32 years old, and will be held in Prizren during October 2017. During this time youth will have the chance to collaborate and exchange ideas toward community problems and also plan potential project ideas aiming to improve the social welfare related to the Prizren and Malisheva region.  

The program will be implemented through activities in the form of a challenge, known as Hackathon, which in other words means solving problems in creative ways to see how the youth can collaborate together in bringing innovative ideas, which will be beneficial for the communities of Prizren and Malisheva. In particular, this school aims to ease the exchanging and co-creating of ideas between the diaspora professionals and their Kosovar homologues, in the spheres with the highest local economic potential, by offering innovative solutions with effective cost. 

The School of Diaspora in Kosovo, will be implemented in October, 2017, and the call for application will open next week.