Come, meet your potential employer

Centre for International Migration and Development (DIMAK) and German Corporation for International Cooperation GmbH (GIZ) have organized a Job Fair in Kosovo which opened the possibility for the job seekers to contact directly with participating companies. Job fair was held on 19 May 2017 and it is the second time that DIMAK and GIZ have organized this kind of activity which have promised a lot of possibilities for job seekers in Kosovo. 

Internship solutions for students in higher education in Kosovo

Internship is the hands-on practicing skills experience within an organization or institution, where the interns engage to put their theoretical knowledge in practice, to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification. 

Youth opportunities for social enterprises - Kosovo

Taking into consideration that Social Enterprises as entities are recently presented in Kosovo, these entities have found open doors in Kosovo institutions and national strategies. Kosovo has started to adopt the idea of Social Enterprise as a good developing practice referring to the great success that was perceived in developed countries in Western Europe.

Stakeholder meeting about the draft law of social enterprises

Lately in Kosovo the discussion about Social Enterprises has emerged in the society. Social enterprises are an alternate way of enterprises as the main purpose of social enterprises is aiming to improve a social problem. 

Kosovo - Civil society has raised concerns about draft law for social enterprises

Social enterprises are recently discussed in Kosovo as a concept, and the definition itself stands mainly based on the perceptions of each organization, which considers itself closely related to the social impact and social economy.

KOSOVO -Volunteer matching platform

Kosovo launched an online platform dedicated to volunteers. The platform KosovoVoluneteers will be used to connect young volunteers with local organizations, and to monitor the voluntary working hours.