Flying on the ground - Lenka Velagic BIH

My name is Lenka and I am 32.
My name is Lenka, I am 32 and I am psychologist.
My name is Lenka, I am 32 years old, graduated from psychology and I am not successful entrepreneur.  Yes, you heard very well, I didn’t succeed in my own goal, which was establishing HR Company, first, this kind in Bosnia.

2nd PRIZE CHRONICLE - George Bugan (Romania)

The Current youth of Europe,
United in misfortune
Though many consider that the Economic Crisis has passed, for the most part, the ripples it sent through the socio-economic spheres are still quite tangible and they still affect our every-day lives.

Olga Papadopoulou

The Gordian knot of labor market in European union and Greece.


1st PRIZE Nina Loncarevic - Montenegro

Chances are that, if you live in the Balkans, this or something more or less similar is a part of your everyday life.

1st PRIZE Olga Papadopoulou (Greece)

Youth and an Economically Sustainable Trajectory in Greece
A Utopia?

3rd PRIZE Miroslav - Montenegro

For me work isn’t obligation, neither chance as in America, neither habit as in England or a curse as ours. For me work of will is duration and meaning of life. I learned it long time ago, only with work you will win the coming years, because all of us are waiting the eternal darkness."
Ljubiša Samardžić

3rd PRIZE Project 668 team (Europe)

The Truth Behind Youth Unemployment:
Collective cost of individual disengagement
Analyzing the Eurostat unemployment figures published earlier this year it is safe to conclude that there is good news and bad news. The level of unemployment is falling.