Dzengis from Macedonia

“The principle of youth participation in the society can be obtained very effectively through volunteering” – says Dzengis Berisha a volunteer from Macedonia.

Marija from Macedonia

Volunteering for me represents very positive opportunity. I was involved in the Local volunteer service program of YCC-Bitola in 2013 that provided a volunteering position in Bitola municipality for three months.

Ksenija from Montenegro

Being  highly  motivated to improve my professional  skills,  but also to contribute to the  community  during  my  studies,  apart  for  part time  jobs, I  volunteer  for  a  ADP Zid,  NGO whose primary focus is on community development.

Klaudia from Albania

Hello friends,

My name is Klaudia Bandilli. I come originally from Albania, a small country located in the South Eastern Europe. I have been involved in the youth field sector for more than five years. I hold a Bachelor Degree with excellent result in Philosophy issued from University of Tirana, Albania and a Master Degree issued from Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania.   In my home country I was an active volunteer in one of the largest youth organizations called: Beyond Barriers Association.

Sasa from Croatia

-3 Hours after graduating, I signed a work contract thanks to volunteering!-

Living and finding a Job in Croatia can be a challenge for most of the young people who finish college. Having a job waiting for you as soon as you graduate seems like a Mission Impossible here. So, how did I manage it? One simple word, volunteering.

Bane from Serbia

“…For almost five years I’ve been working on research Institute here in Serbia, in my hometown of Novi Sad. I’m fully employed as a researcher-associate in area for which I have finished my university studies…

Natakija from Montenegro

Hello friends,

Well let me see. I’m a 20 year girl who in the end of high-school  start to be interest in non-formal education, seminars, and started  to volunteer in NGO sector in first year of faculty.

Morten from Danmark

Between 2000-2005, I spent most of my time designing and implementing volunteer projects in South East Europe, mostly with SEEYN member organisations.